Friday, July 25, 2014

a holiday with friends and flowers

I spent a few days with dear friends, gathering plants for dyeing and making herbal tea and infusions, walking in meadows and crossing streams, picking fruit and making jam all the while cooking delicious grilled veggie dishes.

little snail-pal, enjoying the moss after rain

we stumbled upon this beautiful little stream

crossing the makeshift "bridge" the wide flower-filled meadow opened up before us

meadow sage /salvia pratensis/

goldenrod /solidago canadensis/

we tied up the bounty into bunches, then hung them up to dry

walnut leaves, St John's Wort, goldenrods, elderberries, yarrow

bunches drying in the early morning sunshine

fruit harvest: pears, plums, elderberries and apricots, topped off with a little lavender

we made jams in 3 flavours: cinnamon & chocolate plum, lavender infused apricot, and elderberry-pear and then dressed up the jars with hand-painted labels, rustic string and mini paper doilies


  1. Hello Sara,
    how you use the herb of Sanguisorba?

  2. hi there, thanks for your inquiry! :)
    to be honest, just for decoration, but I'll definitely look into medicinal/dye uses - the name in Hungarian translates to "blood grass" so maybe that's a clue. let me know if you have any ideas! :)