Tuesday, January 15, 2013


BOTANIKA stems from my deep-rooted quest for finding closeness with nature in an urban lifestyle.
It is fuelled by a desire to create eco-conscious products with respect to natural resources and fabrics, sustainability and ethical considerations during both design and production.

Connection with our environment and the beauty and abundance of all that nature has to offer. It is about noticing the magpies skipping along the rooftops, and the weed sprouting up between the cracks of the pavement on the busy streets. It is about connecting with our surroundings, finding moments of serene harmony, relishing the slow, meticulous process of creation, and respecting the wisdom of forgotten traditions. It is about embracing and reviving the traditional artisan techniques of natural dyeing and fabric manipulation. It is about connecting on a local and personal level too. I support local companies and source fabrics and supplies from small, locally-owned stores. I cooperate with a community-based social cooperative in the leatherwork which runs charity shops and provides jobs for the unemployed.

Consious consideration of environmental impact, ethical considerations, values and traditions. It is about making conscious decisions during design and production, choosing low-impact sustainable materials and processes. The majority of the dyestuff I use is sourced from my own dye-garden and a community garden where I have a small plot in downtown Budapest. I use no harmful chemicals during the dye process; all leather used in the accessories is also vegetable-tanned. It is also about making conscious decisions as a consumer - with a preference for longevity, handcraft and a slower, more considerate lifestyle.

It is a celebration of modern day alchemy, the alchemy of natural colours. The effortless, thoughtful, chic BOTANIKA pieces are created with personal care in harmony with nature.

On a personal note:
This has been a year of wonderful synchronicity and encounters with like-minded souls, and I owe a debt of gratitude to many people who have helped and supported me on the journey towards BOTANIKA. I am truly grateful to you all ♡

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